Recently, the official release a few new generation of Honda Civic Type Rs exterior and interior details of the plan to preheat for the new car, and announced the car reached a top speed of 270km / h. The performance version of the model will be officially released on March 2, and meet with the public at the opening of the Geneva Motor Show that month. The appearance of a few details from the exposure map view, the show cars performance attributes for the new generation of Honda Civic Type R, a series of performance-based armed. Which encloses the front quite dynamic, with a prominent spoiler, rough lines mesh grille and bumper design, which the central and spoilers also be presented with a black effect, taste more adequate performance, while chrome bumper the network also rich visual effects; another iconic red label branding is an important performance version of Honda models engine parts uk. The side, front fender has a narrow opening is designed to enhance the performance of the new car smell, while 19-inch sport wheels black sporty styling, the outer ring of red ornament adds individual elements, the rear can also see a bigger fight hole brakes were fitted red Brembo high performance brake calipers. In addition, the official said, this trailer FIG Chinese white paint is the latest Championship White paint, which is supplied to the first Civic Type-R models. Power, the current official still give accurate information, but said the maximum speed the car can reach 270 km / h, this level of performance to become cannon ran the fastest car. According to previous official information, the new car is powered by a 2.0-liter VTEC Turbo engine adjustable coilovers, the maximum horsepower output will reach 280Ps (206Kw) around, much higher than the previous generation Type Rs 201Ps (148Kw). Compared with 6-speed manual transmission gearbox.